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July 18, 2010, 12:57 pm
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i’m moving my blog back to Tumblr :P doesn’t mean i’ll never update this one but most post will be over there from now on

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Papa Roach @ the Machine Shop
May 20, 2010, 2:02 pm
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well…where to begin? this past Tuesday was a blast! i was finally seeing Papa Roach in MI again. although i love to travel, hometown shows are always the best. not only do i get to rock out with one of my favorite bands but i also get to hang with my local Papa Roach family that i’ve been meeting in line over the past year. it was like one big Roach Reunion :)

i actually got to Flint the day before so i didn’t have to rush the day of the show and to also pre party with fellow PR fan @Proachrox. her birthday just happened to be the same day as the concert so we had extra reason to celebrate :):) we stayed up till the wee hours of the morn drinking and talking Papa Roach. that’s one of my fave parts about meeting up with other fans before, i love hearing everyone elses Papa Roach experiences…and she has some good ones! you may have even heard of her now very famous Crackhead Cookies. last year she made the boys a gingerbread tour bus with a removable roof FILLED with crackhead cookies. it seemed like all the Papa Roach roadies and crew had heard the tale and even eaten the cookies themselves. and of course she came armed with a bag of cookies for the boys this time too

we get to the venue right around noon, first to arrive :) we all had VIP which was around 2:30 so we chilled in the van until then. we were the only ones there for quite awhile but right around 2:00 other fans started to show up. and when they started handing out the passes, before we even got out some of the crew pointed in our direction already knowing we must have VIP since we’d been sitting there waiting for a few hours :P they let us know it’d been pushed back a little bit so we get in line and meet some other fans. met some cool local Flint kids and also people that i’ve talked to on Myspace but never met in real life. Justin, who’s been working the M&G’s came out so i talked to him for a bit too. a few moments later we got let in for sound check!

as soon as we walk through the door we see the boys on stage and Coby says “You can’t mess with my yOyO…i like your furry boots”. that first part is something he says EVERY single time he sees me…and i love it :):) hehe. he then notices @Proachrox holding the cookies and says “What you got in that bad??” and she hands over the crackheads, which of course they loved :)

there weren’t many VIPs so the sound check was a very cool little intimate show. next up was the Meet & Greet and our group just happened to be first :) i go give all the guys hugs, have them sign my previous M&G photo, then muster up the guts to ask Jacoby to sign my boob :P hehe, which he was happy to do ;)

after that i actually had a pretty nice convo with him and Tony, but it was a bit too naughty for me to repeat here…so i’ll just leave it up to your guys imagination ^-^ then we got this rockin pic. one of my faves for sure

(click for fullsize)

i know..the leg again :P i don’t know why i always do that. it’s not just for PR pics, pretty much any photo with me and other people you’ll catch me with my leg up…just a weird habit i guess. anyway…

after the M&G we get the signed posters and they were different from the first round of VIPs last year

we go outside to get back in line and shortly after i see Jeff from Unlocal Clothing  walk by and flag him down. i’d talked to him a few times on Myspace & Twitter but never met before. Papa Roach has rocked lots of Unlocal Clothing gear on stage, some of my fave outfits so i definitely wanted to chat with him for a bit. he was really nice, i think i met more awesome people at this show than any other. by the time the doors were open all of us who’d met in line were fast friends. the whole day was like one big party. us VIPs got let in first but pretty much everyone we’d been chilling with got nice front row spots with us too. and the place was so small that you didn’t even have to worry about losing your spot. so one of us would leave to get drinks, which is something i usually don’t do at shows. it was a nice change :)  the time before the show actually started went by real quick while we partied :)

i can never remember the names of opening bands :P but both groups that opened for Papa Roach were REALLY good. i got into both their sets and even considered getting a CD from the first band. i think they were both local to Flint so i’m hoping to catch them (or at least their names :P) again. but of course by the end of the second band i was SOO ready for Papa Roach to come on. i try not to look at the set list because i like to be surprised if they end up playing some of my fave songs, but it was placed right in front of me so i had to glance down and see

(i actually ended up nabbing this from the stage at the end of the show ;)

was really excited to hear Kicked In The Teeth since i’d been avoiding youtube vids so i could hear it for the first time live. also, right before PR came on stage a roadie stuck this to the side of the stage and @amanda_here was lucky enough to grab it

don’t think she had a chance to put it to use but still an awesome souvenir!

so the lights go out, the crowd goes crazy, and Getting Away With Murder starts to play. one by one the boys hit the stage with unmatched energy and force like always. i found myself getting more into the show than ever. just rocking out harder than usual and really letting go. i got lost in the music :) there’d be times i was so wrapped up in it that i’d closed my eyes, and i’d open them only to find Jacoby’s face inches from mine singing and screaming at was pretty intense! there was just so much energy spreading through the small little venue, and it was insanely hot so we were all sweating like mad. it was one dirrty crazy rock show.

here’s my video of the new song 

Kicked In The Teeth 

you can see how tiny this place was. we were so close to the stage they were almost standing on top of us :) i didn’t get many good pics because i was to busy rocking out but i got a few

(notice Tony rocking some Unlocal Clothing ;) for more photos and fullsize check out my Flickr)

by the time the show was over we were bruised and exhausted but that didn’t stop us from hitting the buses! when we get there Tony and Tobin were already out. just like before the show, it was like a big party going on back there :):) i’ll let the pics speak for themselves

at one point Tony was signing another girls shirt so i was like “sign my shirt too Tony”, which he replied “what shirt yOyO??” obviously commenting on my lack of clothing, hehe :P and to be honest the REAL party was going on on the other side of the buses where us fans weren’t allowed to venture. but i didn’t know that when i popped back there to get a pic with Tobin ;)

didn’t even realize till i got back to the other side and checked the pic that Coby had totally photo bombed us :) hehe. after that it took awhile for Jerry and Coby to come out so i passed the time chatting with Justin again. just like all the Proach boys and crew he was a real nice chill guy. right around two both Jerry and Coby made an appearance and i got pics with them as well

we pretty much left right after that. it was late and we were all drained. before we left though, our Proach Fam all hugged :) most of us had met last year at the Fillmore show and we had a few new additions to the fam as well so it was really cool making new friends and reconnecting with everyone. AND i just saw TWO more Papa Roach dates for Michigan coming up in June and July so hopefully it won’t be long till we all get to rock out together again!

but next up is Rock On The Range! i barely have time to even write this blog as i’ll be leaving early tomorrow :P but i wanted to share with you guys before the next show. if you are going to ROTR come up and say hi :) i’ll be with the group of girls i made these shirts for

also, if you own any gear from wear it the 2nd day of Rock On The Range. i’ll be bringing my pro camera and snapping pics of anyone wearing it for the VUGirls Class Of 2010 album. soooo excited :) see all you crazy Roaches and Rangers there!

Papa Roach in New Jersey
April 20, 2010, 11:11 pm
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i had a blast in New Jersey this past weekend :):) hanging with old and new concert friends, getting my body destroyed in the mosh pit, and of course rocking out to Papa Roach! i got into Jersey the day before because we knew it’d be an early morning the day of the show. luckily Beth was nice enough to pick me up from the airport and we shared a room not far from the venue. the next morn me, her, and also her friend Joann rushed to get ready and get down to the venue early. we had VIP, and early entry through the venue but we didn’t want to take any chances on not getting a good spot :) and we also like to meet and hang with all the other fans that come out early.

we got to the Starland Ballroom around 10:40, a handful of people were already in line. it seemed like pretty much all of us had seen each other on the Riot or Twitter or other social network which i always think is cool. i have to say this was one of the funnest lines i’ve ever waited in before a show, everyone was really cool and friendly

not to mention some were BBQing and were nice enough to share their Jack Daniel’s with me >:) i normally don’t drink at shows but i figured what the hell. so all the VIPs get in line around 3:00 and Justin comes out shortly after that to handout our passes and brief us on everything. i think we were in line until 5:00 but it sure didn’t feel like it, it seemed like most of the line passed the time talking and meeting everyone.

no nerves really hit me until we get let into the sound check. as soon as i started running towards the stage i get that feeling that only the anticipation of a great show can give me. and just by the looks on their faces you could tell Papa Roach were ready to rock us :):) they played She Loves Me Not, Hollywood Whore, and Born With Nothing Die With Everything for sound check and of course there was a fair share of joking around and crazy stories. wouldn’t be a Papa Roach sound check without that. i got some nice Coby pics during it.

next was the M&G, which i always get nervous for :P but i have to say i don’t think i showed it as much this time. when it’s my turn i go to hug Coby…i guess i patted his ass a little too. he says “oh no, if you’re going to touch it you better spank me harder than that” so of course i obey ;) hehe. give the rest of the guys a hugs and ask them how they are and let them know all the shows i’ll be attending in the upcoming months. also mentioned how excited i was to see them with Sevendust since they were one of the first bands i ever saw live when i was younger. Jacoby then ask me how old i am, and i hesitantly answer “27”, which he replies “oh, you’re still a kid huh?” i thought that was funny :P Tony then becomes enamored with my fuzzy leg warmers and starts petting them :):) so i offer Jacoby to join in too, haha. he is always eyeing them, and he did pet them for a good 10seconds. made sure they saw the homemade shirt i made as well. and i LOVE how my M&G pics came out this time, definitely my fave ones

and had to get a pic with just me and Jacoby :)

best Meet and Greet for sure. so we go back outside and there was a bit of confusion if the VIPs got early entry but about 5mins before doors the venue lets us in before everyone else! all us early arrivals got great spots on the barricade, mine being almost dead center and what would prove to be one of  the best “seats” in the house so to speak :) so there were three opening bands before Papa Roach hit the stage. i was actually really pleased with the first band but can’t for the life of me remember the full name. i know its was Crimson something :P but they were a local Jersey band and they rocked. liked them even more when the lead singer sprayed us all with water, hehe. the second band didn’t really leave an impression on me and i know the band right before PR, Adelitas Way, was kind of well known but by the time they came on i was ready to rock out with Papa Roach.

the night before i’d seen a bunch of people who’d gone to the VA show tweeting about this new song Burn, and as soon as the set list got put down we were all trying to get a look to see if we’d be getting it as well. we were in luck :):)


not much later Papa Roach hit the stage…

…and WOW, it was like a bomb went off. seriously the energy level hit the roof and the crowd went crazy. i was totally expecting this show to be insane since it was the second stop on the tour but was in no way prepared for it. not only was the crowd rowdy but so was Papa Roach and it was definitely contagious. us feeding off the band’s energy and them feeding off ours. few words can really describe the feeling :) also Jacoby told us several times how horny he was >:) haha. that was pretty obvious too by the way he was acting.

so i decided to film Hollywood Whore and while my camera is right on him, out of nowhere Jacoby jumps from the stage and lands right in front of me…well really right ON TOP of me AND my camera, hehe. and i couldn’t help but grab on him a little :P that’s when he decides to stare right into my eyes, sing in my face, then lick me from the bridge of my nose to the top of my head! i was TOTALLY shocked, haha. can’t even imagine the look on my face, i’m sure it was priceless. here’s the vid, it’s pretty funny when he clobbers my camera with his body :):)

Hollywood Whore Video

 and of course i had to film the new song Burn. i love it BTW, can’t get it out of my head :) it’s sure to be a hit and hope to hear it again at one of the other shows i’m going to.

BURN Video

here are some photos i got too

a few more photos and fullsize versions of these on my Flickr page.

this was one of my fave shows by far, all the guys were rocking out but Coby was probably crazier than i’ve ever seen him. rolling around on the stage, banging his head with the mic, slapping himself, all stuff i’ve heard about and seen in vids but never actually witnessed. was definitely worth the trip out to NJ. and by the end of it i was totally destroyed. not only had the pit been relentless but i hadn’t eaten anything all day, all i had to drink was JD and lemonade :P and i was ready to pass out as soon as i left the front. didn’t even consider waiting by the buses when i got outside, i was pretty much done. but  i have three more shows coming up and i’m going to make sure i’ve got the energy to keep going through all of them. it takes A LOT to keep up with Papa Roach, hehe. they are animals and i can’t wait to see them again next month!

leaving for New Jersey
April 16, 2010, 12:27 pm
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hey all :):)

i’ll be busy all day getting ready for my trip to NJ to see Papa Roach!! sooo excited. just like every other time i made my own Papa Roach shirt to rock at the show. it’s by far my fave

the text are iron on transfers, and i switched the white buttons to black so they’d pop a little more. i also made the crest patch

and the back

i was really inspired by the shirt Coby is wearing in this pic, definitely the look i’m going for :)

here are a few more outfit components. i’ll try and remember to get some pics of me wearing the whole thing at the show

my flight leaves at 10:30 am tomorrow. although i love to travel and love being in airports, i’m not that big a fan of flying. i always clutch the armrest when we take off :P i don’t really like heights. and i HATE being stuck in the middle seat, which i’m pretty sure i have for at least two of the flights. these will be keeping me busy on the way though

i need to run out and get new headphones though cause those suck. i rarely listen to the bands i’m going to see when traveling, i kind of have a traveling soundtrack i’ve played ever since going on long road trips with the fam as a kid. usually consisting of Alice in Chains, Silverchair, 311, Bush, Ween, and a few others.

i’ll be meeting up with Beth, a PR fan i met at the TX show last year who lives in NJ. i’ve been so lucky meeting fans that live in different parts of the US, it’s like a huge extended Papa Roach family that grows larger and larger the more shows i attend. same for A7X. so i hope to meet some more of you this time around :) if you see me at the show, don’t be afraid to come up and say hi.

i also have VIP for this show and will be meeting the band again :):):) i’m not sure why they make me so nervous…but they do :P hopefully i can keep my composure and not act like a total ass, hehe. well i’m off..need to get stuff done. hopefully i can find a way to update my blog from my phone, would love to update while i’m in line.

see you NJ Papa Roach kids at the show!

Pink Hair and Papa Roach!
April 14, 2010, 12:11 pm
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if you follow ANY of my other sites you’ve seen that i have pink hair again ^-^

i used different extensions this time called Shape Shifter by, it was a bit more than Kanekalon but so far it’s totally worth it. it’s much softer and doesn’t get as messy after you sleep on it. the pink is also a lot more vibrant. the only con is, much like human hair extensions, i find it a little harder to lock in when braiding. it’s so soft and silky it can slide right out. but i do like it better :) think i’ll be using it instead of or maybe even mixed with Kanekalon extensions to get different textures the next time i redo. here’s the color chart

i’m also rocking Syn Dreads made by Vivka, she’s a hair goddess :):) makes everything from dreads to wigs so make sure to check out her store,

feels soooo good to be pink again. it’s weird to say it makes me feel more like myself since it’s obviously not my natural color. but it does. not to mention half the stuff i own is pink and black :P so  i’m pretty sure i’ll be sticking with pink all year long.

i’m also VERY excited for upcoming Papa Roach shows the next few months!!

they also just added a date in MI, only an hour away from me :):) i love to travel for shows but it’s nice to not have to worry about hotels and driving for hours. AND i’ll be going to DEMF in May too, it always seems to be my busiest month of the year. still working on trying to make it to the A7X show in Canada although i don’t think it’s going to happen. it’s still a few months off so who knows :) things may turn around. hoping they’ll do some US shows soon, i really want to visit Cali again this year and it’d be sweet if they ended up playing a hometown date.

i’ve got a new style of necklace in my store

lots of new things for sale and on the way so make sure to visit my shop

other than needing to make more jewels i’m soooo behind on updating my various sites it’s crazy. i obviously try to do too much at one time but if i didn’t have that kind of chaos in my life i wouldn’t be able to function. creative chaos. i kind of  live for it :P

that’s all for now, will be busy working on an outfit for my first PR show which is this Sunday, i fly to Jersey in three days!!

here’s a random cute pic to end the blog, a small portion of my toy collection ^-^

March 21, 2010, 8:05 pm
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will be using it on my business cards and such from now on. maybe even some stickers. still playing around with the rabbit graphic but should be making banners and stuff with it soon. was going to write a blurb on how i came up with it but i’d rather just have it be, without explanation.

Cute Stuff :):)
March 16, 2010, 10:24 pm
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i’ve gotten some real cute supplies in lately :) these stickers came straight from Japan, have got to be the sweetest ones i’ve ever seen. kinda wanted to eat them as soon as i opened them :P

currently making some guitar pick necklaces with them although i think they’ll fit way better on top of boxes. i’ve really had an urge to get into the whole Deco thing but have no idea where to start. hopefully i’ll be featuring those kind of items in my shop soon. also couldn’t pass up these great Lisa Frank Stickers and Tattoos

these beads came in a few weeks ago, i haven’t gotten any inspiration on what to make with them though :P

i’ve really been trying to get my supplies and jewelry for sale organized but haven’t gotten to far. i always have so many different things going on i can never finish anything. but i like things kind of hectic like that

charms i’ve yet to use on anything

items i’ve yet to sell..some in the store, some aren’t

sales have been going well. i just really need to buckle down though and get more jewelry out at a consistent rate. problem is i’ve been hanging out with my friends a lot more lately :P which is good i suppose, but very distracting when it comes to work. when i start to party…it’s hard to stop ;)

this was taken at the Irene party i blogged about last time, had a really great time seeing one of my fave DJs and lots of old party kids up in Grand Rapids.

also went to a rave out there a couple weekends ago. the party scene is really picking up out there so i plan on hitting more in the near future. and of course i can’t wait for DEMF :) also have a couple Papa Roach shows coming up!! will be seeing them in NJ on April 18th and at Rock On The Range in May. of course i’m excited, i love house music and raves but nothing beats a good rock show.